Usability Testing

Customers are beginning to realize that cost of (lack of) quality after application goes live is very high and risk is unacceptable. Even quality accredited software companies produce applications that have significant defects detected during UAT. Testing by business users have not been fully successful as users have less time to do a complete testing job as they lack testing skills and perspective. Their day-to-day operations job takes precedence over testing work. The attitude and methodology required for testing are not same as development requirement.

Organizations nowadays rely on Independent Testing companies to help them to know the experience of the users of your product and provide feedback as to its friendliness and efficiency. The core of usability testing is to identify usability problems, collect product feedback and improve users' satisfaction even before the launch of your product.

When your developers do the testing they become familiar with the product / application whereby they tend to miss the subtle points that a user would look in it. They would miss to see the broader perspective, which is essential to give a better user experience.

Sybrant’s usability testers look at your product / application in an unbiased manner with a fresh perspective like a real world user and reveal the problems associated. It is better to perform usability testing at the later stages of the product development as the core elements of the user's experience are fully functional. How do we do usability testing?

In addition to our own testers we also engage individuals who are passionate in doing usability testing and get their thoughts on how easy or difficult it was to use the software product / application and the areas for improvement. We make our recommendations based on this to our customers.