Multiplatform Testing

It is a well-known fact that better performance of software application / product on different on platforms means a good customer acquisition ratio. You can reach out to more customers and augment your application’s success. Interoperability plays a crucial role while building applications as the application users access it from varied devices such as mobile, tablet, laptop or PC. Each of these devices have their own platform and different versions and hence multi-platform testing becomes mandatory. Sybrant is a leader in Multi-Platform testing that work with many customers to offer this service. We understand the nuances and the complexities in multi-platform testing and the problems we may have to encounter while doing the testing. It is essential for the application / product to be in full compatibility with various platforms in order to offer the same functionality and user experience.

We provide excellent multi-platform testing services that include checking your application’s operation ability on all relevant platforms. We ensure the following while doing multi-platform testing:

  • Software functionality across the various platforms under consideration
  • API functionality on diverse platforms
  • Validate GUI with various platforms
  • Installation validation with dissimilar platforms
  • Performance tuning of the software
  • Testing of the patches